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How to get a Small Business Owner to embrace Mobile.

Don’t start carrying on about mobile statistics. Just ask questions:

1. Do you want more customers or do you have all you need?

2. Do you see mobile phones as an important, widespread medium?

3. Would it be good for a potential customer to be able to instantly find you with their mobile phone?

4. Is there anything you could offer them that, after finding you, would make them come in?

5. Once they have come in would you like to keep in touch with them and keep them coming back?

Anyone that is not answering ‘yes’ to these questions is being disingenuous. The InSequent platform is the perfect way to immediately get this business owner to embrace mobile for all the right reasons.

Click the link to our site above to contact us. We are always looking for white label channel partners.

InSequent Adds new Markets

We are pleased to be newly live providing mobile solutions for local businesses as well as News/Sports/Weather Alerts to the local citizens in the following markets:

Middletown, CT
Macomb County, MI
Central Michigan
Oakland County, MI
Southeast Michigan
Dearborn, MI
Northern Ohio
Brainerd, MN
St. Augustine, FL
Topeka, KS
Amarillo, TX
Lubbock, TX
Athens, GA
Bluffton, SC
Juneau, AK
Kenai Peninsula, AK
Sarasota, FL
Lakeland, FL
Sonoma Cty, CA
Jacksonville, FL
Miami, FL
Los Angeles, CA
Conway, AR
Savannah, GA
New Haven, CT
Madison Cty, NY
Oneida Cty, NY
Oakland Cty, MI
Chester Cty, PA
Litchfield Cty, CT
Delaware Cty, PA
Pottstown, PA
Tri County, PA
Trenton, NJ
Montgomery Cty, PA
North Pennsylvania/Indian Valley
Hudson Valley, NY
Sarasota Springs, NY
Troy, NY

We look forward to providing a valuable service to all.

Pilates To The People exercising their customers’ thumbs


Pilates to the People in Oakland, CA doing a great job promoting their new mobile website and coupons. 

InSequent releases List Groups

Now you can have multiple keywords each with their own database. When creating an outbound campaign choose to send to one keyword, all your keywords or a subset of keywords. You can also upload lists into specific keywords with the Manage Lists feature.

Coming in approx two weeks: mobile website analytics.

InSequent releases v 2.08.09 with Facebook widget


Most notable is the new Facebook/website mobile subscribe widget. The screen grab above is from our own Facebook Page with the new widget installed.

Annoying side note: Facebook doesnt let you change your name if you have more than 100 fans. So we are stuck with “Biz411” which is a name we started out with but dropped quite a while ago. Thanks Facebook, now it will live in infamy.

Great Use Case from Republican Herald in Pottsville, PA


Want mobile subscribers with whom you can continually engage? Give them a good reason to connect with you.

Here’s a great example submitted by Aimee Eckley, Director of Interactive Media, Republican Herald/Times Shamrock:

“The attached (above) ad will be running in our weekly TV book that is full circulation in our newspaper.

They’ve also added it to their other campaigns, email newsletters and we’ve promoted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. I also suggested that they post fliers in their cellular stores/kiosks in the mall to get the captive audience with their phones in hand so they can text while waiting in the mobile stores.”

That’s the way to do it.

If you have similar success stories please let me know. We’d love to post them here for others to see.