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Social Media Revolution

We all know someone who thinks Facebook or Twitter is a joke. This might change their minds.

The 10 Geekiest Ways to Hide Your Age


My personal favorite:

# 9. Point out that, if you were a Vulcan, you’d be the equivalent of a teenager. If someone should point out that you’re not a Vulcan, simply say “To the best of your knowledge, that is correct,” and turn away indifferently.

All 10 here.

Sarah Silverman v. TED


If you haven’t been following, TechCrunch has been covering the fiasco that was Sarah Silverman’s appearance at the latest TED conference. I am not a fan of TED though honestly I don’t keep tabs on them, have never been and while I’ve seen good talks on YouTube I think they’ve jumped the shark. I am just not a fan of adult “cliques” and quite clearly the self-congratulating and non-inclusive nature of this event has overwhelmed its brand (unless of course you get to brag at the cocktail party that you were invited). Anyway Michael Arrington has a final post on this and I have to say ‘right on.’ Read the post here.  

Android Sales On Track to Surpass iPhone


A former co-worker of mine from my early days in the industry wrote on BNET that “Google (GOOG) Android phone shipments have been growing so fast that they could overtake iPhone sales by Apple (AAPL) within a short amount of time — if present trends continue.

According to CEO Eric Schmidt, 60,000 Android handsets now ship each day. Putting that into perspective, HTC released the first Android-based phone in the fourth quarter of 2008. Four quarters later, Android phones have hit a 5.4 million per quarter rate.

In comparison, Apple shipped the first iPhone in the third quarter of 2007. Over the following four quarters, unit sales reached a peak of 2.315 million and then sank to 717,000. In its sixth quarter, the iPhone hit 6.89 million units, but only with the introduction of the iPhone 3G.”

You can read the full story here.

The Year of the Android


This year at the Mobile World Congress is the year of Android. Google’s operating system debuted here two years ago. Last year we expected a slew of handsets, and saw just a trickle. This year, Android is everywhere, on handsets from HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and even Garmin-Asus. If this were the world of computers, Android would be in a similar position to Windows: Pretty much every manufacturer puts it on its machines.

And this is what Microsoft is up against with its fussy new Windows Mobile 7, which has the cheek to specify minimum hardware requirements. Forget about the iPhone. Microsoft is in a death-match with Google and its free OS.

One of the reader comments included a metaphor comparing the “Great One” Wayne Gretzky and Microsoft’s new OS – “the great one goes where the puck is going to be, not where the puck has been.” Read the full article here.

The Greatest

My favorite athlete of all time. If this doesn’t get your heart pumping nothing will.

A Guide To Following The 2010 Winter Olympics Online


Is it just me or did the Olympics sneak up? Beijing was far more hyped. Hopefully they will surprise and provide some memorable moments and some new young stars fulfilling their dreams after years of training in anonymity. Here is a useful guide from Techcrunch.