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iPad makes women cringe?

Seems women were not in the focus group when Apple named its newest product.

“Are there any women in Apple marketing?” asked Brooke Hammerling, founder of Brew Media Relations, a technology public relations firm. “The first impression of every single woman I’ve spoken to is that it’s cringe-inducing. It indicates to me that there wasn’t a lot of testing or feedback.”

Full story here.

Restaurants and iPads

How long is it before you are pushing a touch screen on your table or the bar to order food/drinks as well as to play games, chat with others, etc, etc…It’s coming that’s for sure.

Apple unveils $499 tablet


Apple announced its tablet-style iPad starting at $499. The iPad looks like an iPhone, but larger. Apple will sell iPad models with data plans from AT&T, with no contract required.

Apple will have to convince consumers, many of whom already have Internet-connected phones, computers and TVs, that they’ll want to pay that much for such a device, when many small, lightweight “netbooks” cost less than $400.

The initial price is likely to drop. Apple sold the first iPhone for $599 but slashed the price to $399 after a few months, upsetting early buyers.

Facebook Fans


Just hit 300 fans on Biz411 page! Not bad but just getting started.

Coffee Break II: Mafia Wars Parody

Ok so I do know a few people that play Mafia Wars. I’ve never understood the appeal but then again I like Mahjong…anyway this is pretty funny.

This and That


We’re working on a few things here at InSequent…
this week we announce of a couple new partners…we have “re-imagined” (I’ve always liked that word since Tim Burton came on the scene) our site/model to go live this week and next…Our FaceBook Fan page is taking off. We’ve added a couple hundred Fans in just a couple days. Our goal is 100,000 in short order so hop on over and Fan us…We’re using that as one way to promote our customers and the Fans love to find out what is happening and everyone loves savings…comments always welcome on anything and everything.

New cell phone etiquette

New Cell Phone Rules of Etiquette from Mike Elgan of ComputerWorld. Cell phones need their own rules of etiquette, or we’ll descend into social barbarism.

  • 1. Lower your voice when taking calls in public.
  • 2. Avoid personal topics when others can hear you.
  • 3. Avoid taking calls when you’re already engaged in a face-to-face conversation.
  • 4. If you do take a call, ask permission of the people with you.
  • 5. Avoid texting during a face-to-face conversations.
  • 6. Put your phone’s ringer on “silent” in theaters and restaurants.
  • 7. Don’t light up your phone’s screen in a dark theater.
  • 8. Hang up and drive.

Full article here.