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The Future of Local Commerce


The author of this post suggests the future is Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and Groupon. I’d be naive if I didn’t somewhat agree with the caveat that there are a lot of other players in this ecosystem including InSequent.

We are doing most of this already via the mobile web. We integrate with the social graph, provide reviews and coupons and are contemplating our check-in strategy. More than likely we will integrate with leading check-in sites so users can check in there (through our mobile web app) rather than recreating that wheel.

The author points out that a single “app” would be game changing. We have much of that app right now and the best part is that the local business owns it and controls it.

Now, should we build a handset-resident app to go along with our mobile web app? Have to think about that……

InSequent to launch redeemable, trackable mobile coupons on merchant mobile web sites.


No app required. This will be launching in mid November. All of our merchants are invited to create coupons, set quantity available and expiration. This program is available to all white label reseller partners and a great additional revenue channel for all. We’re not leaving this whole space to Groupon!

It’s a Mobile Nation as Cellphones and Tablets Take Hold


I’m not sure this really qualifies as news but more people now own cell phones than desktops or laptops. Link to full article above.

Atomic Tom On The NYC Subway — With Their iPhones As Instruments

This is pretty cool idea by these guys. They are going to get a ton of play for this and probably get a lot of downloads as a result. That’s marketing that can’t be bought.

ICEBAR Orlando chooses InSequent


Check them out next time in Orlando. Text ICEBAR to 55411 for special offers.

Palace Nightclub chooses InSequent

Welcome Palace Nightclub in Chicago as a user of the InSequent mobile platform (through our white label partner Mobilality (Inside Hospitality)). This 24,000 sq. ft. club accommodates up to 1500 people a night and is making a splash with its opening this month. Good luck!