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The Year of the Smart Phone

I couldnt agree more with Marc Andreeson’s (founder of Netscape, Managing Director of Andreeson Horowitz) comment the other day on the adoption of smart phones. He said “in 2012 feature phones are going to vanish out of the developed world and over five years they’ll vanish out of the developing world.”

Think about it, the other day I went to Best Buy and got myself a $500 Galaxy S for…wait for it…Free! Just added it to my existing plan. Huge screen, massive Android App store, great camera, awesome phone. Free phones abound, at least here in the US and I suspect in most of the rest of the “developed” world. Anyone buying a feature phone today is in the very small minority and this will only increase rapidy this year and in the years to come.

Thus I can say we never have and certainly never will, design for the feature phone. To quote once again the hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, when asked to explain his record-breaking success – “I skate to where the puck is going.”

What type of local business is using mobile? You might be surprised.


We’re often asked what types of businesses use our platform. Everyone always guesses Restaurants. But there are a whole lot more. Here’s a snapshot of current InSequent subscribers, in no particular order:

Restaurants, Wineries, Municipal (City Halls), Bands/Recording Studios/Producers, Retail/Malls, Misc Services, Auto Dealers, Auto Body, Auto Service (Oil, Tires, etc), Health/Medical/Dentist/Laser, Real Estate, Non-profits, Amusement/Events, Country Clubs, City Transit, Health/Gyms, Attorneys, Hair Salons/Spas, Political Campaigns,
Publisher – Daily Deals, Publisher – Alerts, Home & Garden, Banks/Financial/Tax, Contractors, Casinos, Dry Cleaners, Dance Studios, Senior Living, Nightclubs.

Cool mobile websites #ILMWEST


Here’s a sampling of some of the over 20 new templates you can choose from when creating you new mobile website in our forthcoming Version 3. 

After the initial auto-build you can edit all the content in any way you like – colors, fonts, shapes etc. And add more content like trackable mobile coupons, reviews and more.

Previewing at ILM West beginning Monday.

Quick Look: InSequent’s V3 – MyMobileSite #ILMWEST


Here’s a sneak peak at our new website builder. We’re showing more next week at so if you will be there please stop by our booth #113 for a look.

Roger McNamee: Six ways to save the internet

This is very good. The best point is at the very end referring to HTML5 – (paraphrase) “The web is changing from a place with lots of elevators and doors and places to go where people come and go…to a control panel.”

InSequent set to debut MyMobileSite at #ILMWEST

As we get closer to rolling out this exciting new product we are giving sneak peaks to selected thought leaders and making our final tweaks.

Convert any website to a beautifully formatted MOBILE website just by entering in your URL. We convert it and then give you loads of great new editing tools so you can add/subtract/modify any of the content you like in a visual or html editor.

Continuing our dedication to a simple UX, our platform is about to get a whole lot more powerful without scaring anyone away.

Come take a look at MyMobileSite – booth 113, ILM West, December 12-14th at the Hyatt San Francisco.

Need a pass? Email me for a $200 off coupon. markatinsequentdotcom.