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Sneak Peak: InSequent to release Version 3.14 featuring Mobile Photo Albums for your #mobile website.


And a whole lot more including more template customization options, opt-in Widgets, Coupon enhancements, new Template, bookmark icons for iPhone… Release is happening tonight PT. Release notes will be posted shortly.

InSequent selected as one of ILM East 2012 Future Stars #ILMEast


If anyone wants to talk mobile next week please get in touch. Looking forward to seeing you there.

InSequent to release Version 3.03 of mobile platform tonight. Screenshot. #mobile


Notable in this release is the pictured mobile opt-in widget. Use this for news alerts or multiple keywords. Embed this on your Facebook page using the provided instructions or wherever you like on your own website.

Also, we are introducing a “Smart” Logo Bar. It will auto-position your log based on its size. You can also customize where it goes on the page.

We have added several new social outlets you can point visitors to in addition to Facebook and Twitter – YouTube, Google+, Yelp and Linked-in.

And we have a colorful new template and lots of other “under the hood” improvements. Release Notes will be posted to the Resource Center tonight (separate login for Release Notes no longer required).

Coming soon to InSequent #mobile websites – dynamic photo galleries.

We’re releasing Version 3.03 on the Thursday which I will post on tomorrow. Thinking ahed to V3.04 on the 30th. Lots of cool new enhancements including a much improved Photos experience.

InSequent to Sponsor Upcoming CNPA Summit.


We look forward to seeing you there – May 3rd in San Jose.

Two Cool New #Mobile Website Templates


Will be available shortly as we continue to grow our catalog.

InSequent releases V 3.02 Featuring Multiple Mobile Websites #mobile

Release Notes will be posted to the Resource Center later tonight.