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Top 25 Gadgets for Men (and women) in 2010

Here’s one of my favorites from a list of top 25 gadgets that you should think about owning (if you can afford it) in 2010. Warning: this is one of the more pedestrian. And least expensive. I particularly like the bed, the gravity chair and the caravan. Read on if you have never seen a $49,000 bed!

Skruf Rainman Wine Decanter

Skruf Rainman Wine Decanter

You can see all 25 here.

How Big is the Internet?

This is a cool graphical look at the power and scale of the Internet I found at


The Mobile Mobile

And this is a short video of how they did it. Creativity is inspiring. This was from the creative team at LBi in London.

Coolest thing I’ve seen in a while

Christmas music the mobile way…

New Deals

Looking forward to opening the new year with a bang as we announce two significant deals we just inked and some big ones in the works.
Happy Holidays!

2009 As Told In Google Wave

Saw this on Techcrunch. Very cool usage of Google Wave which I am trying to figure out how to use in my product development. Looks like it is only as good as the people contributing. Guess that’s true with most things. In this case the people at Whirled did a very good job.

Sweden is doing some cool stuff with SMS

And have been for quite some time. Buying candy? Text the machine. Train ticket, apartment hunting? Send a text. I don’t know how widespread this is but it exemplifies the power of the phone in your everyday life. Read the full article here.

Will the Mobile Web Kill Off the App Store?

Scheduled to begin appearing on devices at the end of this year, the Firefox mobile browser, code-named Fennec, will be packed with features to make it the closest thing yet to a real, desktop-class browser. Mozilla claims it will have the fastest JavaScript engine of any mobile browser, allowing developers to produce HTML- and JavaScript-coded apps for Fennec rather than for multiple smartphone platforms, such as iPhone OS, Google Android or Windows Mobile.

“In the interim period, apps will be very successful,” said Jay Sullivan, vice president of Mozilla’s mobile division, in an interview with PC Pro. “Over time, the web will win because it always does.”

Read the full story on here.

Android’s Rapid Rise to Smartphone Stardom

Do you remember Google’s Android mobile OS a year ago? Back then, it was just launching its app store and releasing the first phone powered by Android, the T-Mobile G1.

Fast-forward to today. Two days ago, Android surpassed 20,000 apps. Not only that, but the Droid by Google, Verizon, and Motorola has made a big impression. Oh, and don’t forget about the Nexus One, aka the much-hyped Google Phone.

It’s been quite an interesting year for the Google-made smartphone OS, but analytics firm comScore released some new numbers today that really illustrate just how far it has come.

Android: Still Small But Growing Fast

Let’s start with the most important number: market share. Android may be on the rise, but it isn’t anywhere near its main competitors. According to comScore, the Google OS doubled its market share in the past year. However, that only amounts to 3.5% of the market in October 2009. By comparison, Windows Mobile, the iPhone, the BlackBerry, and Symbian own magnitudes more of the market.

Still, look at the rate of growth from February to October, and it’s clear that Android is the fastest-growing mobile OS around:


The more telling stats are the ones that tell us what is going to happen over the next few months. Android is now recognized by 37% of mobile users, up from 22% in August. The reason, according to comScore? One hell of a memorable advertising campaign for the Verizon Droid.

The study also explored which phone consumers intend to buy in the next few months. comScore surveyed 2,300 people to answer this question. While the winner was BlackBerry with a whopping 49% across five devices, Android make a strong showing with 17%, led primarily by the Verizon Droid. 20% of individuals plan to buy an iPhone 3GS or 3G.

While BlackBerry is still king and the iPhone is still sexy, the Android platform is so hot right now that it could burn right through steel. The Nexus One and a wave of new Android smartphones coming out in 2010 will only serve to create an even bigger frenzy.

Is 2010 the year of Android? We want to know what you think in the comments.

What’s the difference between mobile marketing and mobile advertising?

The following is an excerpt from a post on In fact, many mobile marketers will choose to work with mobile advertisers. As mobile marketers produce SMS messages which often link to mobile web content, advertising is likely to follow.

Posted by jared on Nov 30, 2009

There is a difference between “Mobile Marketing” and “Mobile Advertising”.


If you spend money on mobile advertising you would be buying a banner on a mobile site/iphone app, or an ad on an SMS message. You would probably use a company like Admob for display or 4info for SMS. With mobile advertising you are trying to reach an audience that are most likely not yet customers or leads. Mobile marketing however is more about building a database of customer or potential customers and then marketing to them. The key difference is that one of them is database marketing and the other is advertising.

There are many different providers in the U.S. for mobile marketing and advertising. Almost all major brands right now have  a strategy to not only advertise themselves on the billions of impressions mobile is capturing but also to build a database of people they can engage and market to.