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Top 25 Gadgets for Men (and women) in 2010

Here’s one of my favorites from a list of top 25 gadgets that you should think about owning (if you can afford it) in 2010. Warning: this is one of the more pedestrian. And least expensive. I particularly like the bed, the gravity chair and the caravan. Read on if you have never seen a $49,000 bed!

Skruf Rainman Wine Decanter

Skruf Rainman Wine Decanter

You can see all 25 here.


How Big is the Internet?

This is a cool graphical look at the power and scale of the Internet I found at


The Mobile Mobile

And this is a short video of how they did it. Creativity is inspiring. This was from the creative team at LBi in London.

Coolest thing I’ve seen in a while

Christmas music the mobile way…

New Deals

Looking forward to opening the new year with a bang as we announce two significant deals we just inked and some big ones in the works.
Happy Holidays!

2009 As Told In Google Wave

Saw this on Techcrunch. Very cool usage of Google Wave which I am trying to figure out how to use in my product development. Looks like it is only as good as the people contributing. Guess that’s true with most things. In this case the people at Whirled did a very good job.

Sweden is doing some cool stuff with SMS

And have been for quite some time. Buying candy? Text the machine. Train ticket, apartment hunting? Send a text. I don’t know how widespread this is but it exemplifies the power of the phone in your everyday life. Read the full article here.