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Highlights of release v3.10 InSequent Mobile Marketing Platform. #mobile #mobile website

Some great new features and tools. Marketing Center is coming in about 1 week.

Cool new mobile website template #mobile #mobile website



InSequent to launch Marketing Center with customizable collateral to promote your mobile presence. #mobile


Our customers will now be able to download customizable collateral and/or order printed materials through our Support/Marketing Center. Stickers, table tents and much more being added soon. Customize the call to action (“Join our Mobile VIP Club”) add your own keyword or QR Code and download to print yourself or order printed quantities from us.

InSequent to release V3.10 on 7/25. New customization, templates, Support, RSS and more. #mobile


On Wednesday the 25th, we release v3.10. Here’s a preview:

Custom Fonts and Colors
As you can see from the above screen grab we can now customize all fonts anywhere on the site including a wide new selection of fonts, sizes and colors and positioning. All templates have full font and background color customization.

We have also added an Auto template and are equipped now to receive RSS feeds (just click Add Page to see this options). And we added a cool looking template with a tiled appearance.

Pre-loaded Menu
If your business has an account with SinglePlatform, as over 500,000 do, you can enter your Business Name and Phone and instantly add your Menu to your mobile site (also under Add Page).

Support Center
A revamped Support Center with loads of new content, forums and a ticketing system. Participate in the forums, submit comments and suggestions and use the ticketing system to get technical support, report bugs, etc.

Next Up
Our next release in August will be another milestone event when we add full translation of your desktop site including CSS. So the initial template of your mobile site will be your own.

No surprise here – IDC: Android surges to 59% world market share


Available on so many different devices especially the hot-selling Samsungs, Android is now at almost 60% of all smartphones on the planet. And in the US it is not far behind at over 51% market share. They shipped over 90 million smartphones in the 1st quarter compared to just a third of that for Apple. FYI, that is more than 1 million smartphones/day for Android alone.

How does your site look on a smartphone?