Archive | March 2013

Cool Banner ads created in minutes on the InSequent/4Mads ad platform.


All iAB shapes and sizes created instantly using simple to use drag & drop tools. Simple enough for any small business owner but packing enough horsepower to satisfy a professional designer. You can also deploy across both mobile and desktop ad platforms.

Create, promote, analyze, repeat.

InSequent launching desktop websites/landing pages


Beginning on March 22 businesses who want to create a desktop website or landing page will be able to do so, instantly.

This could be useful if you are running a unique campaign and want your desktop (and mobile, of course) site to have consistent messaging/images. It could be because your current desktop site has an outdated look or message or just has too much information. Or it could be because you dont have a website yet.

Whatever the reason, our platform will allow you to easily create a desktop version (looks great on tablets too) of your site as easily as it does the mobile format.

Added bonus – no need to worry about redirect codes – they’re automatically inserted.

A complete walled garden for any campaign – display ads, desktop site, tablet site, mobile site.