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We LIKE’d it, so we added it


To our main site and to our our customer mobile sites. Step one in our Social strategy.

Why Apple Needs to Loosen Up


A Newsweek article makes the point I was trying to make in an earlier post about Apple and their new “walled garden.”

Here’s an excerpt: “Now along comes Apple with a walled garden. Not only does it produce the iPad’s processor, its operating system, and the device itself, but Apple sells its content, via iTunes, and keeps 30 percent of the money. It also operates the App Store, the only place selling applications to run on the iPad, and it keeps a 30 percent slice there, too. This summer it will start selling ads that run inside the apps and will keep a 40 percent slice of that revenue.”

And here’s the full article –

Lee’s Deli on Biz411


Very popular spots all around San Francisco. Welcome to the Biz411 platform!

AdMob: Android Passes iPhone Web Traffic In U.S.


This seems to be an inexorable path…my main gripe with Apple is that even though I love their gadgets they have a mindset of making themselves owners of a new “walled garden.” The walls came down before and I think they will come down again. They want to be the puppet master. Much as Chris Anderson agrees with their philosophy in this month’s Wired, I have to disagree.

Full post from Techcrunch here –…

How to acquire customers and their mobile phone numbers

Ask Sonic Drive Thru. They’re using Biz411’s turnkey mobile platform ( and have acquired 300 new customers in their first two weeks. For free.

Great article in the NYT today

So now there is a name for the way we do things at InSequent. We are a perfect example of the new “lean start-up.” And it is working much better than the old way. And I did a start-up the old way – the “bloated start up.” Here’s an excerpt with a link to the full article at the bottom:

“Internet companies have steadily taken advantage of the falling costs of getting up and running — often spending just hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of the millions that were required several years ago. But the lean start-up formula adds management practices tailored to exploit the Web environment.

So the lean playbook advises quick development of a “minimum viable product,” designed with the smallest set of features that will please some group of customers. Then, the start-up should continually experiment by tweaking its offering, seeing how the market responds and changing the product accordingly. Facebook, the giant social network, grew that way, starting with simple messaging services and then adding other features.

The goal, explains Mr. Blank, is to accelerate the pace of learning. “A start-up is a temporary organization designed to discover a profitable, scalable business model,” he says.”

Link to the full article –

Daily rant

Serial entrepreneur: Overused.