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Study: 95% Of Independent Restaurants Don’t Have Mobile Sites


According to a new study by Restaurant Science, one out of eight full service restaurant chains and a depressing one out of twenty independent restaurants don’t have a mobile website.

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InSequent adding more customization features to instant #mobile website creation. Screenshot.


On Sunday night we will release a new version featuring much improved customization of the logo area. Organize the logo, social networks any way you like. Resize, add descriptive text, change colors…pretty much anything you would need to do will give your mobile site just the look you want.

InSequent to release V3.15 April 18 featuring new #mobile website editing tools and more.


Also included are the first wave of our slicker new UI, another new template and 2-way SMS for Surveys as well as more under the hood improvements. Version 3.16 will follow first week of May. More on that later.