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Promote that keyword


Whitehall Lane Winery is building their mobile database and gaining new customers using their new keyword NAPAWINE.

Android OS 2.2: 3G/WiFi Tethering – One cool feature!


One of the coolest new features in Android OS 2.2 is its ability to share its 3G wireless data connectivity with other devices. It can do this by either connecting a USB cable to the phone and the shared device (typically a netbook or notebook computer) or by creating a WiFi Hotspot.

That is very cool. No more need for buying into wifi connections at hotels, coffee shops or paying for one of those expensive USB connect cards.



We just launched our Music/Bands product so bands can connect with all of their fans instantly via mobile phone. Give fans easy access (one text) to all your info, music, pics, events, vids and more. And stay in touch with exclusive offer and announcements.

Our Facebook/Social Strategy


Facebook is certainly taking a beating lately in PR and that is likely to get worse later this year when this movie comes out. But they are still the biggest destination site on the web and we have plotted our course to take advantage of that. Will be announcing details in a couple of weeks. Probably our most important move to date.

World Cup starts in a month.


And it seems as though the TV coverage might be decent in the US. Yesterday ESPN confirmed that:

1. All 64 matches will be broadcast live.
2. In high definition.
3. On either ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC.

Of those 64 matches, 52 will be simulcast online at so expect lots of clandestine viewing at work.

The Mobile Web continues to expand


The mobile web will continue to outpace applications as it becomes increasingly powerful. I am not surprised by these stats especially since we at InSequent expect to generate tens or even hundreds of thousands of mobile sites in the next couple of years.

Read story on Mobilecrunch here.

Android ousts iPhone for second place in US smartphone market


Blackberry first at 36%, Android second at 28%, iPhone third at 21%.