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Girls Are More Likely to Support Charities Using Social Media

Thanks to my wife Beth for sharing this. She is ED of Breakthrough Collaborative which is worth checking out. Awesome program for under-privileged, yet gifted young students. They have locations across US and an amazing story.

“A new study by the charity World Vision finds that more than half of teenage girls said they had become more aware of the needs of others as a result of using social networks like Facebook and Twitter, while less than a third of boys said the same thing.

Out of a survey group of more than 500 youngsters ages 13 to 17, 41 percent of girls said they interact with charities online by “liking” Facebook pages and following Twitter profiles, compared with 27 percent of boys.

Fifty-one percent of girls said they had become more aware of the needs of others as a result, while just 38 percent of boys said that.

As expected, the study found high overall levels of social media use: Four out of five teenagers surveyed said they used social networks.”

InSequent launches V1.16 of mobile platform for local business

Several new features, some obvious, some subtle, are included in this latest release.

– We have added a new Monthly Report for our White Label partners (we have 11 now).
– Label Admins can now manage all of the content on behalf of their business customers. This makes it easy for account reps to edit content and launch campaigns on behalf of their clients.
– We’ve added a “Set as Home” button on each tab of My Business so that you can make any of the pages on your mobile website the first to open. Many customers have asked to have the Coupons page be the first to open and now you can.
– Our Print Shop is almost ready to go but we ran into a few issues along the way so that will be coming live over the next few days. Here you will be able to print signs and stickers promoting your mobile keyword access.
– You can now replicate old coupons and edit them rather than having to start from scratch every time you want a new coupon.

Feel free to let us know any new features you’d like to see.

Latinos are unique when it comes to social media


From Univision President Cesar Conde’s recent interview in Fast Company: “First, the demographic most over-indexed on the usage of mobile devices in this country is young Hispanic males, period. Second, Latinos have adopted social media at a faster rate than the rest of the population.”

There is no supporting data provided, but this shouldn’t surprise anyone. As most are now aware, the richest man in the world is Carlos Slim, owner of world’s 4th largest mobile network operator – America Movil, based in Mexico City.

Teens Hate Email

Source: Comscore

The 18-24 group are HS/College students where it is still a forced channel. That too will change. Texting, IM, Social Networking up. Email, phone calls, mail (need I say it) down.

InSequent adding a Print Shop for collateral design and print


Coming February 24th we will have an online Print Shop where our business customers can customize signs and stickers to promote their mobile keyword. Over time we will add other items such as T-shirts, coasters, table top displays, hats, buttons and more.

We will provide a series of templates to choose from and then you can edit text, color, fonts and more. Initially you will be able to download artwork for professional printing or simply print to a color printer. In time we will handle the printing and production for you.

Words of Wisdom from Wayne Gretzky

I skate to where the puck is going.