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Verve Wireless raises $7 million led by Blue Run Ventures


Congratulations to our new partner Verve on closing their latest round of capital. We look forward to working closely with them in the weeks and months ahead as we integrate InSequent into the Verve dashboard.

It’s our one year anniversary!

Sometimes things happen for a reason and InSequent is one of those things. Thanks to everyone, and I mean everyone, who made this possible.

Jack Welch on Jobs – they’re not coming back

Here is a video of Jack Welch discussing the economy, the administration and why he thinks jobs are not coming back. Specifically he points to how technology has changed everything. He points out one construction company he oversees had $12 billion in sales and 26,000 employees. Sales have fallen off due to the recession but he says they forecast returning to $12 billion by 2013. The catch – when they do return to that level it will be with 14,000 employees. The reason, technology solutions have arrived and are working and allowing all kinds of businesses to scale better.

I see this first hand in our business. We can literally service hundreds of thousands of businesses with a handful of people. Even 10 years ago we would have needed hundreds. Not to mention the hardware and software we would have had to have bought which has a trickle down effect – especially here in the US as now that the world has flattened many of those jobs are overseas for good.

I don’t have the solution but one idea that comes out of his video is to embrace entrepreneurship and to embrace business. We need more companies to be started and we need to look highly upon the Walmart’s, not deride them. They are employing thousands of people. Welch suggests they be treated as “heroes” not villains. Business not evil after all?

InSequent signs Verve Wireless to white label reseller agreement

Verve’s mobile dashboard is in use at Hearst, McClatchy, Freedom, Cox, Belo, and over 4,500 local market media properties across the US. The InSequent platform will now be rolled our across the Verve network as part of that dashboard.

InSequent signs white label reseller agreement with Telepages

Expect several more such announcements in the coming days/weeks as we have 3 others in contract. The DMS show was a good one.

InSequent expands into S. America


InSequent has today signed a partnership with Rio-based Quanta. The InSequent platform will be fully translated into Portuguese and localized for immediate launch. Quanta will be testing the service with approximately 20 small businesses before approaching large aggregator partners such as Claro, with whom they are affiliated.

Google’s Android leapfrogging over iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows



By the end of this year, Google’s Android smartphone operating system will in a single year have leapfrogged competitors like Apple’s iPhone, Research in Motion’s Blackberry and Microsoft Windows phones in global popularity, and will challenge Nokia to become the world’s most popular mobile OS by 2014, research firm Gartner said Friday.

See story here –…