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Why Apple Needs to Loosen Up


A Newsweek article makes the point I was trying to make in an earlier post about Apple and their new “walled garden.”

Here’s an excerpt: “Now along comes Apple with a walled garden. Not only does it produce the iPad’s processor, its operating system, and the device itself, but Apple sells its content, via iTunes, and keeps 30 percent of the money. It also operates the App Store, the only place selling applications to run on the iPad, and it keeps a 30 percent slice there, too. This summer it will start selling ads that run inside the apps and will keep a 40 percent slice of that revenue.”

And here’s the full article – http://www.newsweek.com/id/236890?digg=1

Adobe gives up on Apple, focus on Android


This is kind of old news but Apple and Adobe are in a big battle where Apple no longer wants anything to do with Flash. So Adobe is going to focus on Android. I sense this story is not quite over yet however.

Read the latest here.

Google Developing Tablet to Take on iPad


It’s also clear that Google has plans for Android that go way beyond phones. There’s already an Android-powered car on the way, as well as plans for what’s being called “Google TV.” While Chrome OS for netbooks is also expected by year-end (and there are rumored Chrome tablets too), an Android tablet now seems imminent.

Battle erupts as Apple iPad orders drop sharply


Mac vs. PC explodes off Fortune article showing iPad sales slowing. Here’s the article

And here is a sample comment:

“…Before you pass judgment on products, consider that it may not be designed for the slower generation such as yourself. Consider that Apple doesn’t believe you are a customer because you “just don’t get it.” I’m not hating PC’s here, just its followers. You think I’m a tool because I am an Apple “Fanboy”…nope, guess who’s the tool? You!!…”

Sound familiar to anyone? If you replace iPad with say Health Care, Deficit, Iraq, Obama, Bush, McCain, Pailin, blah, blah, blah. And it could easily be flipped the other way. Calm down everyone! It’s okay to disagree. It’s a democracy, remember?

iPad makes women cringe?

Seems women were not in the focus group when Apple named its newest product.

“Are there any women in Apple marketing?” asked Brooke Hammerling, founder of Brew Media Relations, a technology public relations firm. “The first impression of every single woman I’ve spoken to is that it’s cringe-inducing. It indicates to me that there wasn’t a lot of testing or feedback.”

Full story here.

Restaurants and iPads

How long is it before you are pushing a touch screen on your table or the bar to order food/drinks as well as to play games, chat with others, etc, etc…It’s coming that’s for sure.