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Last Minute Black Friday Tactics

I read an awesome article by Vocus containing great information on last minute tactics for Black Friday that I wanted to share with you. black friday deals

Consumers spent $59.1 billion on Black Friday last year. With so much revenue up for grabs, marketers need to optimize to capitalize on the biggest shopping day of the year.

While it’s too late to plan a lengthy campaign leading up to Black Friday (and the following Cyber Monday), you can still boost traffic and sales with some effective short-term marketing tactics. Here are three to consider:

Social Media Outreach

Although many companies will wind down next week, you need to stay active on social media channels. Post product photos and videos to Facebook and interact with customers over Twitter and Instagram. Consumers will be looking at their social media accounts as they research products and shop online. In fact, 66 percent of 2011 Black Friday purchases were the result of a social media interaction.

“Free Shipping Friday”

Offer free shipping on purchases over a fixed spending threshold. Companies that do this see large revenue increases over the holidays. In 2012, for example, consumers spent an average of 42 percent more on transactions which included free shipping. Consider also offering free return shipping: the cost of returning goods is a major deterrent for online shoppers.

Although it’s just a week away, ramping up your marketing now can have a significant effect on your Black Friday and Cyber Monday revenue.

Email + Coupon

Include coupon or discount codes in your email campaigns to subscribers. People are in ‘deal-hunting’ mode during the holiday season and can be more receptive to special offers received at this time. A 2011 survey showed that 32 percent of consumers keep track of the email coupons they receive from retailers.

For more information on how to send email or coupon campaigns from your InSequent account, please email us at corporate@insequent.com and we’ll be happy to help you! If you don’t already have an InSequent account, please visit www.insequent.com for information on starting your own mobile website.


Google Circles, major new social network, to launch?


Word is Google is going to announce Circles, a new social network whose key differentiator is that when posting updates, photos, etc you can choose which of your circles – work, school, family, etc – see it. This mimics how you socialize in the off-line world and has been a major negative about Facebook. Do you really want to post that political rant or pic from last night for all your “friends” to see? Google has tried and failed at getting Social before (see Buzz, Wave), so we shall see if this time is different.

Foursquare check-ins on Insequent mobile sites January 28.


InSequent mobile sites are a true one-stop location for consumers looking to connect with local merchants. One text of the keyword brings you a wealth of information right to your phone – including full social integration with Facebook and Twitter “follow” and now Foursquare “check-in.”


Update: This is live.

Facebook to make FB Credits Mandatory

Facebook confirmed Monday that it will be making it’s own virtual currency the mandatory payment method for virtual goods sold on its network. That means any company developing apps for use on Facebook will only be able to use Facebook Credits to conduct in-app purchases.

Starting in July, all Facebook app makers will be required to switch over to Facebook Credits, a move that has faced some resistance.

Groupon experiences growing pains with customers, merchants


This is not news, we’ve covered it on this blog in the past, but it is now getting into the “news” instead of just stories about the Groupon valuation, this article from LA Times begins to ask some (potentially) unpleasant questions:

“…with typical discounts of 50% and an even split of the remaining payment with Groupon, businesses actually receive just 25% of their normal fee.”

Q: Can Merchants afford to offer $50 of goods/services and receive only $12.50 (Consumer pays $25, Groupon takes $12.50)
A: Yes, if all those Groupon buyers come back again and pay regular price next time.
Q: Will they come back and pay regular price? Or will they be looking for other guys offering Groupon deals? Will they become addicted to the 50% off game?

Just remember, Groupon is a force. I am sure they don’t have their heads in the sand over there and are working on other things to mitigate this and expand beyond pure group discounting. Time will tell…

Insequent bringing FB Places/Foursquare check-ins to Mobile Web app


Coming in January consumers visiting any of our Merchant mobile websites will be able to check-in to their favorite Place app. This is another step in our quest to provide merchants with a single, SMS/web-accessed gateway to all things them.
One text of the merchant keyword to 55411 equals instant info, deals and social interaction. And no app to download.

Mobile Users Prefer Browsers Over Apps


According to research from Adobe Systems, many mobile device users appear to think browsers offer the better user experience than apps.

Mobile users polled in the study reported a preference for mobile browsers to access virtually all mobile content. Games, music and social media were the only categories in which users would rather use a downloaded app than browse the mobile Web.

Their preference for mobile browsers extended to the retail category, with users showing a strong bias toward mobile browsers for accomplishing every mobile shopping task mentioned. Whether it was researching product and price info or sharing that information socially, mobile users would rather fire up a browser than a dedicated app.

These preferences may surprise mobile experts who consider apps to offer the best content and shopping experiences. And marketers may be frustrated as well; getting an app on a user’s home screen is a constant reminder of the brand, but it doesn’t make sense to offer an app users don’t want.

“Just because you can create an app for that doesn’t mean you should,” said Nicole Perrin, a senior editor at eMarketer. “The majority of marketers are better off creating a rich mobile Web experience that gives customers the tools they need to research, browse or buy products — rather than focusing energy and resources on developing apps that consumers aren’t likely to download.”