Announcing InSequent 360 and the 360 Audit

More than Mobile – We’ve expanded to include SEO, Paid Search and the best sales tool we can think of – the 360 Audit. To celebrate the launch, we did a complete redesign of our website – we hope you like it! It’s time to give local business a simple way to digest “digital” and then do something about it. 


360 Audit – a Digital Rep’s Best Friend!

Use the 360 Audit on sales pitches. Hand your customers a detailed assessment of their site quality, SEO rankings, social effectiveness and more. The 360 Audit demystifies digital so you can talk plainly with your customers.

Paid Search Drives New Leads

Our new PPC tool puts your ad at the top of search results. We go one critical step further than others though, we benchmark you against similar businesses and suggest ways to improve your results. You’re going to love the interface!

SEO – Get to the Top Organically

Our SEO tool propels your business to the top of search results. It automatically creates multiple, highly targeted landing pages based on the most common keyword searches. Each page is designed to “speak to” the end user and drive more leads to your business.

What’s Next? In another 3 weeks you will see an even more detailed V2 of our 360 Audit. We also add Social Posting to our Message Center. Now updates and offers can be posted to all your social outlets in a single location. 

We hope you like what we’ve done with this release, as always we welcome your feedback.

Until next time – Mark

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