Paid Search coming this weekend to InSequent 360 Platform

First it was mobile websites and SMS. Then came desktop and tablet sites. Then automated SEO, landing pages and Lead Gen. Now this weekend we will be releasing a brand new module on our Digital Services Platform – PPC/Paid Search. We have a super simple way to place ads across Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and many more to start driving new customers to your business. We will send out more details upon the release.



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One response to “Paid Search coming this weekend to InSequent 360 Platform”

  1. Sam Anderson says :

    One of the best kinds of PPC ads available today are Google’s remarketing display ads. What’s great about them is that you can segment them by behavior, so if people have been to your home page but not your sales page, you can direct them there. If people land on your shopping cart but don’t buy, you can run ads to send them back to the shopping cart and complete checkout. The power to segment is one of the most powerful advancements in marketing technology in the past century. I didn’t know this when I started but I called Simon (208-806-2754) and I got help. Now I make 22.37% more on my display advertising than I did before and I’ve been selling a lot more product.

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