Capture that Mobile Number!

sticker-scaled500It is your connection with your customers when they are on the go. Businesses have been capturing email addresses for quite some time but the mobile number is even better (you know the younger generations don’t really “do email”).

Use a QR Code or you can have them send a simple text with your own keyword to a shared shortcode like ours (55411). Many of our business customers are racking up hundreds and even thousands of their customers mobile numbers. What do you do then? Our platform has a simple Group Send feature for you to create one message to all your subs with special offers so you can fill those tables, clear that inventory, invite them to a speaker series or all of the above and more. Bonus: it will also auto-post to FB, Twitter, G+, your blog and more.

Text messages are instantly received and usually instantly read. Make the offers good and you will see the response.

To maximize opt-ins offer them something to sign up – a free appetizer or a small discount will do the trick.

Put the invitation to join the “VIP Club” or whatever you want to call it on your website, your social networks and most important at the point of sale in store – check out, table tops, bathrooms, the bar – wherever your customers go.

Remember you are not forcing anyone to do anything and if your offers are good, and your invitation tasteful, you will soon have a large list of your regular customers just a text away.


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