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Business of the Month – Adventure Crossing of Augusta, GA


Someone doing it right is Adventure Crossing in Augusta, GA. In just about three weeks they have built their mobile database to well over 1,000 subscribers.

“I’m really excited about this product, I was on board from day one. Over the years I have considered 10+ different SMS services, but was really sold once Augusta Chronicle packaged it! It really made sense to the owners to be able to tap into the Chronicle’s social media database.”

So says Gabby Benton, Director of Sales and Marketing for Adventure Crossing. To promote their keyword call-to-action, they’ve used Facebook/Twitter (both feed directly to their website), a Constant Contact mailing to their email database of 25k, a print/digital ad package from the Augusta Chronicle, an ad in a free daily and have hung banners/flyers inside their building.

We couldn’t have drawn it up any better ourselves.

How many devices can a smartphone, tablet replace?


Clever old line (of a year ago) was “wallet, keys, phone, good to go.” New line will be much shorter. Everything moving to the phone including your wallet and keys.

New research will surprise absolutely no one – smart phones replacing other devices.

Here’s some stats about devices smart phone replaces from the Prospect Mobile Insights Survey of June, 2011:

Alarm clock: 61.1 percent
GPS: 52.3 percent
Digital camera: 44.3 percent
Personal planner: 41.6 percent
Landline phone: 40.3 percent
MP3 player: 37.6 percent
Video camera: 34.2 percent
Newspaper: 28.2 percent
Radio: 27.5 percent
Desktop/Laptop computer: 24.2 percent
Gaming device: 20.8 percent
Books: 20.1 percent
Internet service at home: 19.5 percent
DVD player: 14.1 percent

Click link above for full report.

InSequent releases V2.08.03 of its mobile marketing platform – a few cool new features.


Today we launched our Multiple Keywords feature which businesses can use to track different campaigns and media outlets. We also a added anew Admin tool – Agency Mode – which allows channel partners to manage all aspects of an Accounts business on their behalf. Finally, you can now change the default link in your Welcome Message. For example, some of our partners are changing it to their Daily Deals site. Lots more too but those are a couple highlights.