Some of this is scary: U.S. Mobile Advertising To Hit $1.2 Billion this year


It really is incredible. The growth in mobile now seems like a tidal wave. Here’s a few notable clips from a new report by JP Morgan:

– JP Morgan analyst Douglas Anmuth says the firm expects mobile to be the single biggest factor accelerating Web growth for the next several years

– mobile data traffic is already three times the level of the wired Internet globally in 2000

– the build-out of next-generation networks will increase connection speeds tenfold by 2015

– The roughly $600 million in mobile advertising last year was equal to only a fraction of the $26 billion in wired Internet spending but mobile advertising could ultimately become larger than Web-based advertising

You can click the link above to read a full article on the report. I am continually fascinated that we’re in the middle (actually the beginning) of the second Internet era in such a short period of time. Truly exciting.

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